Friday, 20 May 2011


My son is a "Geek" and I am the Geek’s Mum. But he’s no ordinary Geek. He’s a funky one. A one-of-a-kind Geek. He's MY Funky Geek!!!!

First of all – yes he’s a Geek in the way of his thirst and quest for knowledge and more knowledge, his academic abilities.  Never enough for him. I remember when he was 3 years old and was asking me how does the water get into the taps? And I said, in my not so geeky way, that the water is stored in a big tank and the water from the tap comes from there. Next he asked how does the water get into the tank and I said from the ground. You know what is coming next , don’t you? And it went on and on from there. So the next day I decided to get him his first encylopedia. Not too wordy but more of a children’s one with loads of pictures.

My Funky Geek is leading in "Turbo Maths" in school. Followed closely by Mental Maths. He has a fantastic and imaginative writing ability. He has a certificate for having a creative "Talent for Writing". He takes extra/extended classes for "Literacy" and, as you can guess, "Numeracy". The classes used to be called "Gifted and Talented" but now simply go by the name "Extended Classes".

He’s also very active. My Funky Geek swims, plays football, does gymnastics and attends theatre school. Follows all athletics, football, snooker, cricket, motor racing (all sports in short). What about music - he is into current chart and all 80’s music. I think he CAN sing all the words to all of Bruno Mars’s hits, Elli Goulding, Cee Lo Green, Adele, Michael Jackson and JLS. There are loads more he can sing to but those seem to be his favourite ones. He knows all the moves to all of Michael Jacksons hits. He studied them as if he was doing a Law degree at Harvard. He is so famous for his "Moonwalk". Blows people away all the time. I, the Funky Geek's Mum, tries to moonwalk but I fail all the time leaving my Funky Geek in stitches. He raps too. And he's dead good at it - he's got the rap, stance and moves of a true rapper. He's got swagger. He is part of his school's choir. It's a Church of England (CofE) school. They had a performance in the town we live - a celebration of Schools Music. He had a solo part - Rap. He did the Black Eyed Peas - Where Is the Love. He was fab (and am not just saying it 'cos am the Funky Geek's Mum). It's really true.

He loves watching Formula One, Top Gear – you name it. He also follows Dragon’s Den, Come Dine with Me, The One Show, Robot Wars. Oh by the way, Funky Geek is designing a robot (yes for Robot Wars). He keeps on drawing and re-drawing - shapes, sizes, arrows, tags and all-what-nots. He writes poems just on the whim. I got him a hard-back Journal when I discovered his talent for writing a while back. We just got to keep on working on his "writing hand". But then again I guess geeky, smart people do have hard-to-read handwriting. Just like doctors, engineers, mathematicians and so on.

My Funky Geek can draw (and in 3D too), sketch, etch and design. 

Funky Geek is MY pet name for my son and he loves it (well, for now). Not sure if he will when he hits his Teens though. Watch this space!!!

But enough of him now.This blog is about Funky Geek’s Mum.

I hope you will enjoy reading from and follow me.

I’ll be updating you with loads and loads of exciting bites and topics that interest me (and hopefuly you my readers and followers).

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