Monday, 19 May 2014

Happy Birthday Rubik's Cube - The best toy accirding to Funky Geek

Okay now, this is so right up Funky Geek's street

Can you solve this google doodle:

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Rubiks cube. My son takes his everywhere with him. Any spare min he’s on it like white on rice. LOL. Even the short journey ride to school he's at it.

He can solve it I think 40 seconds, last time I checked. (will update if that has changed)
A few Rubik Cube facts
  • ·         It was designed by Erno Rubik in 1974, an Architect from Hungary
  • ·         Wasn't designed to be a toy
  • ·         It was invented as a graphical explanation to aid in 3-dimensional geometry. A visual aid so to speak
  • ·         It was first called the Magic Cube
  • ·         You can move the coloured squares a ‘ 43 quintillion times (even I have never heard of that – must ask Funky Geek)
  • Best selling Toy of all times
Rubik's cube Links for geeks (Have fun):

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bring Back Our Girls - Missing Nigerian Chibok School Girls

Who says there is no power in using Social media to fight a cause that affects every human being, that has a heart, on this planet! #BringBackOurGirls has gone viral. And I keep on praying every minute that these innocent & helpless missing Chibok girls are found soon.

On the 15th April 2014, Boko Haram terrorists burst into Government Girls Secondary School in ChibokBorno State, Nigeria. In the middle of the night they set blaze to the boarding school for girls it & fired gunshots. Over 250 terrified girls ran out and were abducted by this heartless group & carted off in lorries to an unknown destination. 

Boko Haram in Hausa language means 'Western education is a sin' in English. I can't even begin to speculate what might have happened to these girls since.

The media reports in Nigeria are sketchy as it's claimed some of the girls escaped - exact numbers not known. Friends & families of the girls have been in pain wondering what has happened to the girls, where are they? what have they done to them? when are they going to be released? The unanswered questions go on and on!

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You tube, Tumblr & other social media platforms, the whole world is now paying attention to the missing Chibok Girls as the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan & his government weren't doing anything. Am sorry but that is so shameful.

For a Nigerian living in the Diaspora, one feels so helpless as to make any ounce of a difference. My way, atleast,  is by using the Internet which has given me a voice. 

There have now been rallies in Abuja, Lagos & other cities within Nigeria. Thanks to #BringBackOurGirls going viral, the Global community has joined in. There was a rally outside the Nigerian High Commission yesterday, 4th May 2014. There have been similar demonstrations / rallies in Atlanta, Houston, New York and so on.

There's an old Nigerian proverb that says "It takes a village to raise a child". Thank God we have a global village, doing their thing, one way or another in finding these missing school girls.

I found this image very moving, tears were rolling down my cheeks, seeing another mother wailing in agony over the school girls.  

Here's one of the many viral videos highlighting the Chibok girls abduction. 

And one of the many international news report by BBC World Africa.

Also there is an online petition putting pressure on the Nigerian Government to act swiftly in the interest of these innocent girls. I've done my bit, please do yours. Here's the link Bring Back Our Girls Online Petition

This is a fundamental human rights issue - Girls (as well as boys) have a basic human right to receive a formal education. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014

I hope all you Mums all over the world are being spoilt-rotten for a change.

I've been having a fab day with my son, my Funky Geek. 

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers, Mother-to-be, Mothers whose prayers will be answered soon, Mothers whose children have died before them, God-Mothers, Step-Mothers, Aunt-Mothers, Grand-Mothers, Friend-Mothers, our Mothers that are no longer with us & not forgetting Dads who act as a mother figure!

It really does takes a village to raise a child, so thank you to all the mothers who have helped, in one way or the other, to raise mine!

Come tomorrow, it's business as usual!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

International Day of Happiness 2014

Wow I never even knew such a day existed

Happy New Year all. I know am a tad bit late as it is also the first day of Spring

But I am back on track to blogging regularly again. Just been real busy behind the scenes. Launched my own handmade line of products last year. So I hope I am forgiven

To keep you all sweet and happy, this song is dedicated to all my readers

It really doesn't get any better than this.

So here are my Top 5 ultimate Happy states of mind ;-)

1. Just being alive for which I thank God always
2. My son ~ Funky Geek
3. My close friends & family who have stuck with me through the good times & the bad
4.a. The 'Happy' musical video ~ Pharrell Williams
4.b.. Pharrell William's collaboration with the United Nations (UN) aptly dubbed '24 hours of happiness'
5. In pursuit of happiness film featuring Will Smith

Happy International Day of Happiness

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day ~ Miss you Mum!

Happy Mothering Sunday to all that are celebrating today 10th March 2013

I hope you are being spoiled and treasured. So you should be! 

I couldn't help sharing this poem from Pinterest, so very touching & so true

Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy Women's International Day 8th March 2013 ~ We are a force to reckon with!

Me so so happy today as the whole world is celebrating us.!!!! Yaay. It's like our birthdays all over again, a second celebration of life. Am so proud to be a woman and a mother (to Funky Geek) too. So I will say I am already blessed. Am also black and proud ~ so am shouting it out loud!

I particularly love this image below from the United Nations Foundation which kinda sums it all up for me. 

Touches my heart. We should all try our best to give back and help people in unfortunate circumstances. A little, seriously,  does go a very very long way.

All mothers in, my eyes, ARE SUPER MUMS.

Enjoy your day today all women of the world and also on this coming Mothering Sunday too! It's a double Celebration

Monday, 4 March 2013

Secondary School Offer In for Sep 2013! Yaay!!

Oh I don't know about the rest of you but we (being Funky Geek and I) received our offer of Secondary School. And I must say we were still pretty pleased being our 2nd choice. I kinda knew the 1st choice was a long shot, so the second place was a very close contender

So it's like soon it'll be summer, then September will be here. And then what? Am I ready to let go? Loosen the Apron strings a tad bit? So many decisions to make. Is it like this for so many parents whose child/children will be starting Secondary School in September?

A whole new chapter in Funky geek's life is about to open.

But before that begins, we've been going through the last of everything in Year 6 since Sep 2012. So we've done last Autumnbury, Fireworks Night, Christmas Play & Christmas Service.  Am sure I've missed some out already. Soon it'll be last footie match, last parent's day, last athletics competition, last sports Day, last Cake stall, last Midsummer Revels. Gosh.

Exhaling still ........

Now I will soon be facing new (what should I call them) challenges? too obvious! Sounds tasking. New ... experiences that life will throw at me. Now that's better!