Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mr Steve Jobs ~ Apple has lost its iGeek

This is one of my tweets about the beloved Mr Steve Jobs from my personal twitter page "The lovable #iGeek who changed the lives of millions has sadly died.. #Apple has lost a legend. #RIPSteveJobs. The world won't be the same"............... @funkygeeksmum

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It was only last week Sat that I was in the apple store in Cambridge (UK) city centre with my son whose nickname is 'FunkyGeek'. He'll be 10 next month. He wanted everything from the store. All the Apple ultimate toys for boys(and men too). 


He was testing, trying, playing, listening, touchscreening as happy as larry that day. I literally had to prise him out of the store and he wasn't a happy bunny.

And it is so alright to have been a geek and am so glad my son is one too.

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I always tell him that nothing is impossible and he should always strive to do his very best. You were a living example of this.

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Mr Steve Jobs you have had an impact on the whole world across all generations. It's been mindblowing.

You will be missed so badly. May you rest in eternal peace. Amen.

Funky Geek's Mum

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