Tuesday, 8 May 2012

And yet another 'Certificate' for FunkyGeek

Funky Geek had an ultrasound Scan today as he hasn't been feeling too great for quite a while. I won't bore you with the details of what's wrong with him. He's still upbeat and getting on with 'his' life. Which is mega busy !!!!

Let me tell you something about my son. My son really really really LOVES school. O-M-G. It's so unreal. I always have to re-arrange appointments outside school hours like after school or if possible on a Saturday (which adds to the one million things I need to do already). When he first started school and he had his first SUMMER holiday, after the first couple of days off school, Funky Geek was like "When am i going back to school? When does school start again? He was just shy of 5 years old then. I was gobsmacked. I said it's going to be a while. So now am used to hearing that question at the beginning of the school summer holidays.

Of course Funky Geek was asking all the necessary questions ~ what are you going to do? Is it gonna hurt? Do I need to take my wellie boots off? Am I gonna be able to walk after? Can I eat after?(sorry I added in the last two)

At the hospital, the medics took like a million and one pics of the contents of his stomach ~ spleen, kidneys, liver, aorta etc. I watched the screen but didn't want to ask questions in case I alarm Ike. Results will be sent to GP five days tops. He was asking what the gel / jelly was made of. He baffled them as they didn't know and were trying to read the ingredients on the container. The 'water-base' answer wasn't good enough for him. 

Then he was awarded the above Utrasound certificate which made him quite happy and wanted to 'Show and Tell' in school. But you can only 'Show and Tell' at Good Work Assembly which is held once a week every Fridays. Today is Monday. LOL. 

My Funky geek is a collector of certificates representing good work and high achievements. LOL.

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