Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve ~ Just before 2012 curtain close ......

Phewy! now I do need to squeeze one more post in before the final curtain call. Once 2012 has gone, it's gone forever. No going back

So are New Year Resolutions in place, did you all get what you wished for this Christmas (whether from Santa or some other surprise source)

But New Years Eve is really a time for reflection, for family, for taking stock of ones life, lessons learnt and mistakes made too. Yes it's a time of thinking about what has happened in ones life in 2012 and be re-energised for 2013

I thought I'd round up with all things green and geeky. Celebrating Pantone's Colour of the Year 2013 ~ Emerald. My favourite colour in the whole wide world. Green I mean. Green is also so so Geeky. need I go on? I can't help it as I have a 'Funky' Geeky son too :-)

That's all for now folks til next year, see you round the corner in 2013!  Have a great New Year's Eve 2012. Think green               

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