Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Pea Green Car

I saw this and just couldnt resist. Green is also my favourite colour

Tiny Green Pea Car: Looking as fresh and tempting as the day it was shelled. Created evidently in 2005  for a Birds Eye Peas TV commercial,  this delightful little car was custom made by Asylum Models and Effects in the UK. Its chassis's from a go-cart, the headlights from a VW Beetle, the indicators are Lancia, the engine is Honda.The rest is bespoke! via theflyingtortoise. Thanks to @Josh Draper! #Green_Pea_Car

This pod of a car was created for a 2005 'Birds Eye Peas' Advert. Too cute. Makes you feel like popping it into your mouth. I wonder what has happened to it since?


  1. This car is really cute. I love the design but its functionality is limited.

  2. Bolu I totally agree with you re functionality but was only made for the advert.