Saturday, 7 July 2012

Funky Geek and his love of sports

Has it really been that long? Really? I missed a month . Wow. The month of June just flew by like that. Hhhhhmmm just like that.

My funky geek loves sports a lot. As much as he likes his maths. I mean he follows any kind of sport. On telly I catch him watching darts. Darts! How many 10 year olds follow darts. I understand following athletics, formula one, football, swimming and all.

Yesterday Friday 6th July was North Hertfordshire's District Sports. My son took part in the sprint race. He came second. Whoop!! Whoop!!! Well done my lovely Funky Geek. Even with 'growing pains' and all at the moment he still didn't let that hold him back. Growing Pains is a total seperate blog post altogether. For another day. His was a bit upset that he wasn't chosen for the relay team as well as he has done that in the last years. Infact he was mega upset but I had to tell him that you don't always get what you wish for in life. He is so so competitive. All I wish for is for him to do his very best.

We have the Olympic Torch coming to Letchworth tomorrow. Funky Geek is so looking forward to this special event. Once in a life time.

Watch this space, will update you on the Olympic Torch.

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