Friday, 28 September 2012

Funky Geek and his models

Hello virtual world. Sorry I've been missing in action. For a while. Ok maybe a bit longer. It's just been a bit crazy these past few months. It's just the kind of world Funky Geek's Mum lives in.

A few snippets of updates
  • We both had a fab summer in the US (Funky Geek's first time) seeing family and friends. It was awesome and also very hot in the East coast. I'll write more about our adventures soon. Watch this space.
  • Back to school and Funky Geek is in his final year of primary. Really scary. It's like when did we reach this point? So it's busy with Secondary school open days, research, which ones to apply to, more research, asking friends for advice and more research
  • Funky Geeks braces are still on. Not the train track ones. These ones prevent the jaws from completely closing. In effect he can't close his mouth shut.
Funky Geek loves being creative with his hands. So I thought I'd share a few of his models with you. He made these at his After School club. I think they are very well constructed and right on point. And am not just saying!

I'll try and not leave it too long before you hear from Funky Geeks Mum again! 
Have a great weekend y'all.

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