Monday, 4 March 2013

Secondary School Offer In for Sep 2013! Yaay!!

Oh I don't know about the rest of you but we (being Funky Geek and I) received our offer of Secondary School. And I must say we were still pretty pleased being our 2nd choice. I kinda knew the 1st choice was a long shot, so the second place was a very close contender

So it's like soon it'll be summer, then September will be here. And then what? Am I ready to let go? Loosen the Apron strings a tad bit? So many decisions to make. Is it like this for so many parents whose child/children will be starting Secondary School in September?

A whole new chapter in Funky geek's life is about to open.

But before that begins, we've been going through the last of everything in Year 6 since Sep 2012. So we've done last Autumnbury, Fireworks Night, Christmas Play & Christmas Service.  Am sure I've missed some out already. Soon it'll be last footie match, last parent's day, last athletics competition, last sports Day, last Cake stall, last Midsummer Revels. Gosh.

Exhaling still ........

Now I will soon be facing new (what should I call them) challenges? too obvious! Sounds tasking. New ... experiences that life will throw at me. Now that's better!

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